Delivery Policy delivers its products using its own fleet of delivery vehicles. These Vehicles are registered in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and are owned and operated by Balloonshop AE LTD. delivery vehicles are temperature controlled to ensure your balloons arrive in mint condition. delivers daily nationwide across the whole UAE. offers Same Day delivery future scheduled deliveries 7 days a week.. 

Click on the 'Delivery Schedule' Icon shown at the top of website home page to view delivery times, order cuttoff times and delivery charges. delivery charges are shown below ( For All cities, please click on 'Delivery Schedule' Icon shown at the top of website home page)




 Al Ain

 Abu Dhabi

 Standard - AED 45 to 49

 VIP    -  AED 65

 Standard - AED 65

  VIP - AED 85

Standard - AED 75

 VIP - AED 100

 Standard - AED 200

 VIP - AED 250

 Standad - AED 200

 VIP   - AED 250


Delivery time to destination

Orders can be delivered same-day across the UAE if placed before the cut off times . Please click on delivery schedule icon at the top of home page to view cut off times and times of delivery

Same-Day delivery is not mandatory, if you wish to place your order in advance for a future date, you may do so by specifying the delivery date and time of your order on the checkout page.

Change of Delivery Date

Change of delivery date must be received 24 hours in advance. Any change request received less than a 24 hour notice will result in charges ranging from 25% to 100% of the order value.

Cancelling an Order

To cancel your order, please call toll free on 800 2747 or +971 4 228 5800 to see if your order is presently en route to the address specified. If your order has left the Balloonshop warehouse for delivery, we will be unable to cancel your order and cancellation charges amount to the total value of the order. Additionally, depending on the extent of preparations made to the order, canceling your order may result in charges ranging from 25% to 100% of the order value. 

Mode of Refund:

If you are elible for a refund, your funds will be refunded in the original mode of payment made when you first placed your order. 

Returns/Exchanges and Refunds

A refund may be requested if an item has not been delivered. In case it has been delivered, you have 1 day from the time of delivery to request a refund. The maximum refund amount is equal to the paid amount minus cost of shipping and wrapping as long as the item has not been opened, used or is in the same condition at the time of signed delivery. However, because of the nature of our balloon products, balloon items cannot be returned for a refund if it has already been delivered. If your balloons have been damaged upon delivery, we will replace any damaged items at no additional cost. 

Products and Service Complaints

We will take prompt action to address service issues that are reported no later than 1 day after delivery. After this deadline no replacements, refunds, or credits will be issued.

Balloon deliveries to a business

If the recipient is unavailable when we arrive, the balloons will be left at the business location.

Balloon deliveries to a residence

Balloons must be accepted in person and will not be left at the entrance unattended. The local dispatcher will call the residence and arrange a delivery time to ensure that someone will be at the residence to accept the order. If the call is made on the scheduled delivery date and the recipient is unavailable to accept the call, the order may arrive later than the posted deadline. The arrival time will be contingent on when the recipient returns the dispatcher's call.

Balloon deliveries to a hospital

We will contact the hospital prior to delivery to ensure that balloons are permitted for the patient and to ensure that the patient is still a hospital guest.

Balloon deliveries to a hotel

Deliveries to hotel guests are made in care of the front desk, bell desk, or concierge. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the hotel completes the delivery.

Balloon deliveries to a school

Not all schools permit balloon deliveries to students. Those that do require that the delivery be made to the main office. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the school office contacts the student to pick up the balloons.